JasonJason and Joshua used to be roommates and now they host a weekly podcast. They are both Subaru WRX enthusiasts, they enjoy photography, Terminator 2 (or as they exclusively call it T2), Jurassic Park and Bond films. If you've ever wondered why Jason isn't answering his phone, it's probably because he passed out when he got home from work. If you find yourself passed out in the early evening you have just pulled a "Classic Jason". Joshua has an almost alien ability to whistle and can quote every movie that involves any combination of the following actors: Jim Carey and Chris Farley. Really it's just Ace Ventura, Tommy Boy, (probably Black Sheep) and Dumb and Dumber. Oh and Golden Eye featuring Pierce Brosnan. That one he can break down frame for frame. Oh and don't forget the obscure, rarely seen Almost Heroes, never heard of it? Don't worry neither has anyone else. As you know from the Star Trek episode, Joshua is a big Next Generation fan. I'm not sure how familiar Jason is with this franchise. They do however share similar views of the Star Wars franchise: Han shot first and the only good part of Episodes 1-3 is the Darth Maul double sided light saber fight in Episode 1.

JoshNot to reduce them to single interest entities, but if you could choose one hobby to define each of them Joshua would be science and Jason would be photography. We'll get back to Joshua in a second, but let's talk photography; Jason is a pretty good photographer. He's got cool equipment, takes photography trips and snaps pictures that look like they belong in National Geographic or some huge awesome looking coffee table book on the natural world. You know, like the ones that were always in front of Borders? Do you remember Borders? Joshua wouldn't mind me saying that Jason is definitely the better photographer of the two. Just as Jason probably wouldn't mind me saying that Joshua is more knowledgeable about astrophysics and scientific processes. Joshua had 3 telescopes, sort of; he's got a 10" Dobsonian and two little experiments that he made himself. He plans on building his own refractor in the near future for the express purpose of solving his astro photography conundrum. His most recent photos have been of the solar eclipse and Venus' transit of the sun last month. Oh and he attended a lecture by Dr. Stephen Hawking! Cool right?

They're nerdy dudes who like Starcraft and once played Halo Reach for 7 hours (while I waited, bored out of my mind). Yes, they beat it, but SEVEN HOURS?! This is the end of their biography.