Books by J. Arthur Wetenkamp

Books by J. Arthur Wetenkamp

Breathtaking Photos

Pages are filled from edge to edge with beautiful retina-quality images that are sure to capture your attention. These images are real photographs of astronomical objects like the Crab Nebula, the Pinwheel Galaxy and the ringed planet Saturn; each was hand picked after much consideration. Most images are available to the public without restrictions and are indexed at the end with hyperlinks to the original source. Some of the source images have even higher resolutions than are in the book. Have fun making wallpapers for your iPad or computer!

Real Scientific Facts

Venus spins on its axis backwards compared to all other planets. The star HR 8799 is home to at least four extrasolar planets. Our observable universe spans an incredible 46 billion light years. These facts and more await to be discovered as you travel from stars, planets, and galaxies to learn their secrets. Every word that appears in this book has been carefully researched and triple checked for accuracy.

Fun, Clever Rhymes

It's not all numbers and nomenclature. Relax and enjoy the pictures; as you read the poem, the science behind the rhymes will intrigue the left-brained type while the witty rhymes are sure to appeal to the creative mind. If your child enjoys this short fact-based story, consider downloading this book's big brother, The Solar System - At Closest Approach. With over 240 retina-quality images and more than 170 pages of scientific explanation, your child's curiosity will help him or her learn while reading about nature and space.

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